My brother is my mate

My brother is my mate 》
character:April & Asher
April has a sexy brother and she can’t help being fascinated by him. He was her good brother,until the day they shifted…
“You can’t be my mate!? Your my brother.””
“I’m not going to resist the Sparks April, “ He growled, but continued, “or the pull, and feeling of want… Do you hear me? ” he whispered. His warm lips smashed onto mine finding them in the dark. Sparks lit the tiny closet up, and suddenly I knew where he was almost as if we were in a room full of light. I could see every move he made, and I wanted him to make a move on me.
I kissed him back with force, and longing.
My first kiss is with my brother. My mate.
But this is not the only unknown secret between them, he was never her brother.
My body couldn’t take much more drawn out pain… this had to be the longest shift ever!
“Don’t worry April I’m here for you.” Asher whispered in my ear. I took a sharp intake of breath. The most amazing scent filled my nose. Mint and pine sap.
“Our mate… Asher’s ours…” My wolf purred… and then it hit me… did she just say mate? My brother… Asher? MY BROTHER?! No, no, no, no! WHAT?!
I let out a Final scream and then suddenly it was over. My bones all snapped at once my face turned into the one of a wolfs. I walked on four paws. And my mate sat beside me admiring my wolf with the cutest smile ever…wait… Brother.
My mate
Is my brother?
I sat just staring at Asher who was now moving towards me.
“You look just as surprised as I was… This morning.” He whispered.
I could only do the reasonable thing… I let my tongue hang out of my mouth and rolled my eyes.
“Do you want to go out for a run?” He asked me.
It sounded nice…. I nodded my head…
I yelped when Asher took his shirt off then slipped his shoes off taking his pants and boxers off.
I turned around and whimpered… I just couldn’t…. there was a sudden change in the wind and bones cracked.
“Sorry!”Asher laughed…
in my mind! IN MY MIND.
“How did you do that? ”
“Mind link.” he responded.
“Oh… ”
“We can talk about this later… let’s go run.”
I finally turned around and saw the most beautiful wolf I have ever seen. He was a black wolf with grey eyes… he was just… Beautiful… And HUGE. I had to look up just to hope and meet eye contact.
I could almost walk under him without bending!
“Your like a giant…” I whispered.
“I’m bigger then dad…” His wolf smirked, I let out a loud cackle…(laugh)
“Oh my goddess!” My mom ran through the woods.
“My beautiful baby’s!” She stud next to me and ran her hand through my fur.
“Your so beautiful…” I gave my mom a small smile.
She then moved to Asher reaching up to pat his head. I must admit Asher’s fur looked soft.
I walked over to Asher and rubbed against his body… sparks erupted on the surface of my body. It was amazing. Asher felt them to because he started to lick my face sparks flew as he came in contact with my fur.
Then as we remembered mom and dad were standing starring at us as if we were crazy.
“My little…sister is beautiful isn’t she!” Asher cooed through mind link. I could hear how hasty he was with the word sister. He didn’t like it. This is… weird.
“Yes she is ” mom and dad smiled at us.
“Ok we will let you kids go out for a run… if you want we can join you?” She seemed eager. I couldn’t upset her, so I nodded my head yes. Asher growled at my answer.
“Great!” She sang.
“Great my dad mumbled glaring at Asher. whats was up with them?
Asher snapped at him. Dad grabbed moms shoulders and walked towards the trees to shift.
“What’s going on between you and dad?” I asked through mind link.
“Nothing” Asher snapped.
“We need to talk when we get home…” I added “you can’t be my mate.”
“Well I am so deal with it” Asher snapped. He was mad. I felt so bad it hurt me to see him angry and sad.

We got back from our “family” run and Asher and I went straight upstairs.
I was about to go into my room when Asher snatched my hand and yanked me into the hallway closet.
“Asher!” I hissed as I closed the door.
“April…” He smirked into the darkness. you could hear it. I decided to start the conversation off. “This doesn’t make sense.” I whispered, my hand on the door knob. Holding it closed shut.
“We can’t tell mom and dad.” He whispered back into the darkness, still smirking.
“You can’t be my mate!?” I hissed back “your my brother.”
“I’m not going to resist the Sparks April,” He growled, but continued “or the pull, and feeling of want… Do you hear me?” He growled.
“I want you so bad it hurts” he whispered. My heart fluttered at his words. It was like my lips moved and spoke for me.
“Then take me.”
His warm lips smashed onto mine finding them in the dark. Sparks lit the tinny closet up, and suddenly I knew where he was almost as if we were in a room full of light. I could see every move he made, and I wanted him to make a move on me.
I kissed him back with force, and longing. He deepened the kiss his tongue traced my bottom lip. I granted him access. our Tongues fought for Dominance.
He broke the kiss, but still didn’t leave me wanting more. His lips trailed down my jaw then to my neck.
He kissed and sucked leaving small love bites. A moan escapes my lips as his tongue runs over my skin. my arms shoot up and I wrap myself around him. His arms scoop my legs up and lifted me up to where I was straddling him. He pressed me against the wall, he added pressure to my sweet spot below my waste making me moan in pleasure.
My hands bunched up in Asher’s hair, I pulled it making Asher groan. he pressed harder onto me. I moaned again.
“Say my name.” Asher whispered in my ear then nipped my ear lobe.
I moaned as he pressed harder against me.
“A-Asher.. Mmhhm” I moaned again.
His lips found mine again sparks erupted. He pressed his lips harder against mine.
I was panting, but I still wanted more… this was wrong though. very wrong. but Oh so right.
“Kids!” My mom yelled, you could hear her walking up the steps the loud thud of her feet.
Asher didn’t stop you could feel him smirking as he started to grind against my core. my breath quickened even more and my arms shot out grabbing his back I clawed at his back, as pleasure bubbled weakening me to the complete extent. you could feel Asher was excited at my reaction.
“Mhm…” I moaned then bit my lip. mom paused. “April?” Mom asked her hand on the door knob. Asher shifted us and grabbed the door knob holding it shut. He still didn’t stop his lips went down to the crook up my neck where he nipped at a spot that made my knees weak.
“Mhmm.” I cried a little it was a lot to bare. “m-mom…Mhmm” I moaned trying to talk to her.
“What’s going on?” Mom shuck the door knob roughly. Asher paused allowing me to get rid of her.
“Nothing, but I- I have a headache…” Asher pressed against my core again. “a-and… It hurt… I think it’s a migraine… and and Mhmm. I can’t stand l-light.”
“Oh um ok do you know where Asher is?” She asked me taking a step away from the door.
I sighed as Asher pressed me against the wall lifting my shirt off.
His hands traveled up my back leaving trails of sparks.
“I-i think he went outside again!” I gasped as Asher kissed my chest exploring my skin completely. I growled… and took the hime of his shirt and ripped it off completely I threw his shredded shirt onto the ground. my hands wondered around his perfect abs that made my mouth water.
“Ok well dinner will be done in 30 minutes… I want you to eat I will have Advil on the table ok?”
“Yes mam” you could hear her descending down the steps.
“We have to stop.” I whispered.
“Your scent will be fresh on me if we continue… we should take a shower.” I started to ramble, but he smashed his lips to mine once more and pressed his body onto mine.
“Mm hm” he moaned letting me fall on my legs. I nearly fell on my face.
He laughed then kissed my lips once more.
“Meet me in my room tonight?” He whispered then he opened the door, and disappeared….
What has happened to my life?
And is it bad that I LOVE it ?
I went to my room, and went straight to the shower.
My shirt was already off… Thanks to Asher.
I turned and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I gasped spots covered my neck… he gave me MAJOR HICKYS! My lips were a brighter pink…
I sighed and quickly hopped in the shower soaking myself in my shampoo.
“Grr! Asher!” I washed my neck and even scrubbed my lips… then rinsed my mouth out because I swallowed bubbles… buttercream and almonds doesn’t taste good. just letting you know.
I got out of the shower and dried my brown hair into ringlets. I put on old green soccer shorts and a T-shirt.
I sprayed perfume over my body and lathered my pits in deodorant.
I went down stairs mom and dad were running around the kitchen attempting to fix all of our plates.
“Oh April! Advil is on the table.” my mom smiled at me.
“I think I actually needed a shower… it’s gone now.” I smiled back. lying had gotten easer.
“Where’s Asher?” Dad asked me his face looked bored.
Suddenly the front door opened and Asher walked in.. as to where I took the clean effect Asher took the smelly sweaty one. He still wasn’t wearing a shirt… that’s on my part.
He was covered in sweat making his abs and the ton of his skin even more Luxurious. I sniffed the air… he smelt like sweat and me… Though you could hardly smell me though.
“Asher you stink!” I gaged, a smirk spread across his beautiful lips…
“Come her little sis… you want a hug?” He smirked while wrapping his arms around my body. sparks fluttered over my skin as he made contact. I sighed then I elbowed him in the stomach… he didn’t react at all.
Mom and dad rolled their eyes and turned back to doing their fat share in making plates and finishing dinner.
Asher spun me around in his arms smashing his lips to mine. Our eyes stayed open as his lips moved slowly on mine. slowly we pulled away.
” Asher! I just took a shower” I fake hiss, to be honest I could stay in his arms forever. Even if he stunk.
“You should take another one! You stink now.” Asher winked at me making my heart flutter and my stomach turn.
“We should take one together.” He said in mind link.
A massive blush spread through my cheeks.
“Ok grab a plate and let’s eat!” Mom clapped her hands together.
We all sat down the ham smelled mouth watering, but I couldn’t focus… Asher sat beside me, mom and dad were on the other side of the table.
The entire time we ate Asher’s and set high on my thigh.
“Ok, we need to talk.” Dad started out the table conversation.
“Asher, your 17 now and your mom wants you to throw a party.” dad shook his head. ” we will be out of town… Picking up somebody for pack Buisness. we will be back Saturday night. And then we will join you at your party.” Dad nodded towards Asher.
“What? Why… I mean I get to have a party while your gone?” Asher’s hand went higher up my thigh and rested dangerously close to a restricted area.
“Well your mom wants you to have time to find your mate.”
As quickly as I could I shoveled food into my mouth.
“I’m sure she’s close… I can feel it.”
Asher’s hand moved… and landed on the restricted area. I started choking like coughing up mash potatoes. Asher stifled a laugh and then patted my back.
“You ok sis?” He asked me patting my back roughly with his other hand… the hand that started this all pressed harder onto the restricted area.
“Yep,” *cough*
“I think I’m going to umm… Go to bed.” I coughed again the headed up stairs. I could hear Asher laughing… even though the matter wasn’t funny, his laugh was music to my ears.
I closed the door to my bedroom.
Later my parents stuck their heads in to check on me. and when they found me bundled in blankets with my eyes closed they left and went to bed.
I on the other hand through the covers off and tip toed down to my Asher’s room… the door was open and my heart...

started to flutter as I glanced at the door…
That’s kinda all I did was just stand outside his door staring at it like it was a life or death situation.
Then I tuck a breath and pushed it open even more. There he was laying in only his boxers his face was covered up with his arms.
He looked… Hot.
A small smile spread across Asher’s lips.
Asher’s room was spotless… It was clean and set up right.
It had always been like this…
I remember having sleepovers in this room with my big brother, because I had a nightmare. But I was in here for a different reason now.
I wasn’t in here to see my big brother, I was in here to see my mate.
“April” his voice was dark and husky. my heart skipped a beat. On instinct I closed the door and locked it.
I walked over to the side of the bed my heart was in my throat.
I looked at my mate, the feeling of want and lust completely took over every other feeling I had. This was supposed to feel wrong, but it only feels right.
“Asher” I whispered.
Slowly I slid my hands on the side of the bed. His smile only widened.
“Do me a favor.” He growled.
“What’s that?” I ask
“Pleasure me.” he growled.
“How?” I asked, honestly I didn’t know what to do.
“Surprise me, your touch is enough.” he moved his arm, his eyes were a light shade of blue that held lust and want.
I smiled a little then moved my hands on either side of his body. I slowly crawled on the bed then gently slung my leg over his torso, I was now straddling him. Slowly I bent down pressing my body to his. Then slowly to I slid my tongue over his chest making him growl.
He quickly flipped us over my legs wrapped around his torso and my arms flew to his neck. He began grinding against my now burning core, I let out a moan. you could feel his excitement.
“Mhm…” I moaned “w-why doesn’t this f-feel wrong?” I asked gasping as he trusted his hips forward I met his thrust and rocked my hips back against him.
He laughed. “‘maybe because i make you feel things nobody else will ever make you feel.” he thrusted harder against me. I clung to the back of his neck, my head flew back as I let out a loud moan.
“Or maybe it’s because it never felt right being siblings.” he kissed my neck nipping at my sweet spot. The pleasure was so unbearably amazing I started to cry.
Asher ripped my shirt off exposing my bare chest. He licked up my breast and pleasured me even farther.
He trailed kisses from my chest up to where he would place my mark.
“Or maybe it’s because we’re made for each other.” he nipped at the spot on my neck that I call my sweet spot, that wolfs call the marking spot. “Or maybe,” I whispered “it’s all of those things” He stopped grinding on me and I lay on my back he pressed his lower body onto my lower body and licked the spot he would mark.
Suddenly I knew what he was about to do.
“Asher don’t!” He stopped mid lick and looked at me. hurt and confusion flashed through his eyes.
“No, it’s not that I don’t want you to mark me!” I whisper yelled “I do, I want it so bad!” I bit my lip “but mom and dad will smell our scenes combined.” I whispered breathlessly
“Oh” he also sounded out of breath.
“Alright, then I’m going to do something else.” He licked the spot again, making me moan again. he kissed the spot then sucked and nipped at it making my legs feel like jello. “w-what are you doing!?” I moaned out feeling pleasure bubble inside me again.
Finally he licked the spot again, and smiled.
“Wear your hair up at school tomorrow.” He demanded me.
“Wait?” I asked “what did you do?!” I touched the spot my skin was sore and hurt. I slid out from underneath him and ran to his bathroom.
I flipped the light on. There on my neck was maybe the most well done hickey ever to be placed on a neck. Somebody’s going to want answers if I wear my hair up.
“Oh my goddess what’s Callie going to say?” I whispered.
“I have football practice tomorrow,” Asher felt the back of his neck he moved his hands from his neck a little bit of blood blotched his finger tips. “My friends are going to ask about this” he shrugged.
“Oh my goddess!” I hiss grabbing his shoulders attempting to spin Asher around. He laughed and turned around for me. he had finger nail marks imprinted on his skin.
“Are you ok?” I whispered running my hands over the marks.
“Yes babe I’m fine.” He laughed then spun around grabbing my hips and placed me on the counter.
“It lets me know your enjoying it.” He placed his hands on my legs spreading them apart. My heart jumped every direction and thudded like it was a drum.
Slowly he slipped between my legs. I whispered as I felt him against my core. He was just as excited as I was, maybe even more.
“You wanna take a shower?” He whispered in my ears, nipping the ear lob. “we don’t have to do anything… unless you want to.” He pressed against me.
“O-Ok” I shivered as his hands tracked up my bare back leaving trails of sparks. He left me on the counter and turned the water on. His shower was big… big enough for the both of us definitely.
He slipped his arms around my waste and moved me from the counter. His hands tracked down my sides to my waist where he gripped the fabric of my shorts and shredded them. Leaving me in only my underwear, like him.
“Now,” he growled “the question is, who makes the first move?” He smirked. My heart beat sped up as my hands traveled to his toned abs. Nor once did we break eye contact. I fiddled with the fabric of his boxers then in one swift move I ripped the fabric to shreds. He did the same to me, our eyes still locked on each others.
Then in one swift move he picked me up I startled his hips and began kissing him. A passionate burn erupted through my chest as the water hit our mangled body’s. The water hit us sliding down making our body’s slippery.
“We’re not going to do anything are we?” Asher mumbled against my lips.
“To an extent.” I whispered the water hit my hair making it fall in my face.
I felt him put me on the ground then move my hair out of my face.
“That’s good.” He smirked at me. Then suddenly it hit me.
“I need my shampoo…” My mouth fell open. He laughed but slid out the shower… you could hear him opening a cabinet then the bathroom door opened. I peeked my head out the curtain and waited. It did take long before a pissed off looking Asher walked back into the bathroom.
“No, I’m not playing a prank on April!” Asher seethed. In the back ground you could hear dad yelling and beating on the door. “the bottles are empty! April said I could use them!” Asher growled.
“Yesterday…” There was more shouting that was muffled by the water. “don’t wake up April! If you do I’m telling mom.” I stifled a laugh as dad went silent.
“Yeah, yeah go back to bed old man!” Asher yelled slamming the bathroom door and locking it.
“Here’s your shampoo.” Asher handed me the bottles and climbed back into the shower. He smirked at me, he obviously enjoyed our current situation.
“Beautiful” he shook his head and smiled.
“What?” I asked putting shampoo in my hair. I gently scrubbed my hair letting the buttercream and almonds soak in.
“Your beautiful.” Asher stepped closer to me.
“Oh” I whispered rinsing the shampoo out of my hair. I spun around and kissed him.
“Your sexy when you talk” the words flowed off my tung. Asher was right. This didn’t feel wrong because we never had a proper sibling relationship, he does make me feel things nobody else could make feel, and we were meant for each other.
“Good.” He smashed his lips to mine we kissed each other with great passion. I knew this would become our nightly routine.
We kissed until we ran out of breath.
I remembered the favor I had to do for him. My touch was enough and I was hopping so.
I grabbed Asher’s shampoo and squirted some in the palm of my hand.
“What are you doing?” Asher laughed his smile was cheeky.
“That’s my wash, you do realize that right?” He chuckled again then as realized what I was doing his eyes filled with excitement and wonder.
I rubbed the soap on my hands making them bubbly.
“I know…” I whispered then ran my hands along his shoulders rubbing them and massaging them in the process.
“Oh man…” He moaned “I will love you forever.” my heart fluttered.
“You better! I laugh… I’m your mate!” I worked my way around his body I walked around him in the descent sized shower and scrubbed his back lightly I wash his neck. I stand on my tippy toes and pull his head down to my level and peck his lips. I then washed down the front of his body running my hands down his abs. Suddenly Asher grabbed my hands and pushed me against the wall.
He leaned down and whispered in my ear.
“It’s my turn.” Asher’s lips found mine. he kissed me as he put some of my body wash in his hands.
“Hey, by the way don’t eat that soap.” I raised my eye brows, nodding my head for emphasis.
“You ate the soap?” Asher laughed.
“No!” I sit up, he pushes me back against the wall. My heart was racing so I kept talking.
“I washed my lips… From earlier… And some got in my mouth… And it just… Yeah I guess I did eat the soap.” I just sighed.
“I’m not going to do anything you don’t want me to.” Asher raised an eye brow.
“Go for it” I smiled at him… “just don’t pull a prank on me.” I smiled and winked at him. He then proceeded in rubbing my shoulders. Asher washed every inch of my upper torso making me sigh and moan.
Asher laughed and shook his head,
“Yeah If he asks about me taking your shampoo say they were empty, and that you said I could have them… yesterday.”
“You know… we have known we were mates for a day, and look at us!” I laughed he answered my question though.
“Naked and in the shower?” He smirked at me.
“Damn this escalated quickly!” I laughed as we stepped back into the water rinsing off.
“Well if you think about it, we didn’t have to do the first stage of finding our mates because we already knew each other.” He nodded turning off the water. He picked me up I laughed and pecked his lips as he set me down on the cold counter.
“Friends do this all the time.” he mumbled. “Technically we have been friends for 16 years.” he got out two new fresh towels.
“So I mean, its just like we were done being friends, and besides your my mate, I’m attracted to you… I always have been.” he mumbled the last part.
“Always?” I asked getting off the counter and wrapping myself up with his fuzzy towel.
“Umm hmm” he nodded drying himself off. “but back then I thought you were my sister and only my sister.” he shrugged.
“I’m still your sister.” I paused
“I think” I added quickly.
“You know the more I think about it… I don’t have green eyes like you, mom, or dad.” His jaw clenched shut.
“I don’t look like them.” And then he whispered the last reason.
“I don’t have 3rd in command blood running through my veins.”
“What?” I gasped.
“I don’t have 3rd in command blood running through my veins… it’s much more powerful, I don’t know what it is though.” He smirked “maybe beta?”
He shook his head, then he picked me up bridal style and carried me out of the bathroom setting me on his bed. He went over to his closet.
“I don’t think their my parents.” he yelled from the closet.
He threw me one of his T shirts and a pair of boxers. I slipped them on, and pulled the covers back from his king sized bed. He came back out of the closet in only basketball shorts.
I felt his arms wrap around my waist. One arm pulled the edge of the T-shirt away from my neck. he kissed his perfect hickey then nipped it once more.
“Though this comforts me.” He whispered.
“What?” I asked focused on his actions.
“Them not being my parents, it means I was never your brother, and then they can’t get mad at me when I take you and claim you as mine.” He picked me up and put me in the bed, he laid down beside me pulling the covers over us. He pulled me into his chest. Little sparks fluttered over our skin. I sighed and fell asleep to Asher lightly kissing my hair.

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