The Prince’s Bride

“My Lady?” (Servant)

“I’ve come to fetch you, my lady. it is time.” (Servant)

“I peeked into the throne room, it seems the entire world is here to see who the King will choose to marry his son.” (Servant)

“Are you ready?” (Servant)

“Am I? I’m the ordinary girl who should’ve never been allowed to compete for the Prince’s hand.” (Tanarah)

“And yet you’ve made it this far.” (Servant)

“Now I just need to find out if I’ve been chosen to marry the love of my life..” (Tanarah)

“Or if he’ll be betrothed to another..” (Tanarah)

Three weeks ago..

“We’re live outside the palace of Castile where an entourage of Europe’s most eligible bachelorettes are arriving!” (Reporter)

“These girls have been invited to vie for the most coveted man of the century: the Prince himself.” (Reporter)

“In the time-honored tradition, his father, the King, will name the woman to become his son’s bride.” (Reporter)

“Let’s go see if we recognize any of the lucky girls!” (Reporter)

“My lady!” (Reporter)

“It’s Lady Cordelia of Castile – the Queen’s goddaughter!” (Reporter)

“Tell us, how do you feel about being invited to compete to be the Prince’s bride?” (Reporter)


was born for this role.” (Lady Cordelia)

“I’ve been training to be a princess since BIRTH, so my statement is for the other girls.” (Lady Cordelia)

“You may as well pack your bags.” (Lady Cordelia)

“A notable absence was Prince Theodred himself-” (Reporter)

“According to our sources, he has not been seen in weeks.” (Reporter)

“So who knows what the Prince is thinking?” (Reporter)

“Tanarah?” (Mom)

“Are you ready? your first shift starts soon!” (Mom)

“Yes, I’m ready.. sorry I was just watching-” (Tanarah)

“Well soon you’ll be inside the palace, you’ll be getting all the royal gossip firsthand!” (Mom)

“Oh Mom, I doubt I’ll even see any of it from the kitchen..” (Tanarah)

“Hey! Kitchen work in honest work, and it’s one step closer to your dream-” (Mom)

“One step closer to writing a recipe book!” (Tanarah)

“I’m so proud of you, Tanarah.” (Mom)

Mom has always made so many sacrifices for me to be able to live my dream, I’m going to make her proud.

“I’m going to make you proud, Mom, you’ll see.” (Tanarah)

“Now you better get moving, you can’t be late your first day.” (Mom)

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